How to get your lost love back

Long gone are the days of us.
Without fuss, we discuss present past with disgust.
In you, I believe and entrust.
In me you believe there’s no hope for trust.
So why call when we’ve turn to dust?
How come you deny your insatiable lust?
Do I flinch when you burst in silent words of cuss?
Or do I comfort and reinforce that this is a must?

I too have a truth that’s yet to be heard.
The line between my insanity and wisdom often is blurred.
My words are sharp and hurtful but never slurred.
My truth brings no ends or answers preferred.
Images in my mind bring about characters who are absurd.
Who believe the world is theirs and attachments to others never occurred.
Am I to leave without a sound to be disturbed?
Are you to MEAT me so cheaply and abandon by the curb?

I think you’ve only got one thing in mind.
You’ll have what is yours and obtain all that was mine.
Use every moment you can to predict my future line by line.
I’m bothered to think that we, from one another, have finally resigned.
Thought we had the meaning of deep defined.
I guess once again I have to start over and try.
I guess I’m to continue to search for the answer to why.

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Why women should never hurt a man….

This vastness of space no longer occupies a heart.
A mind of complete control now decides all parts.
You’ve crossed the undrawn limited line
What I gave to you is now forever mine.
Submit to justice of judgements unfair.
Guilty the outcome with innocents no where.
My ability to care can no longer be allowed to live.
Followed by happiness, and my will to forgive.
Ever wondered what would happen when a man is Scorn?
Now every women’s nightmare has finally been born.

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How to say goodbye to someone you love…

Freed NOT! the person of thought I ought.
And you’ve allowed my interpretations to determine it my fault.
You, the vice of my channeling to an outlet no other dare be.
Now, trusted in another to circumvent me?
Wretched, be defined by imageries of you.
My heart allows not the definition to be true.
Thought races a mile a second to distances felt not long.
But I carry on and shall remain outwardly strong.
I too can create a sense of feelings split in TWO.
One for me and the other for you.
Now I’m complete in a trilogy of I, them and me.
Nothing else or other need enter necessarily.
Dear Mind, I pray that one day you vessel a journey needed.
With love, trust and happiness entrenched and seeded.
Dear heart, I trust you an eternal peace.
I hope to reunite with you once my anger retreats.

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Become my thought for I wish to have you till my very end.
Since you are my secrecy of day then let me enjoy you each night.
Hold close to your heart the final touch we shared and the smell of my scent on yours.
Disclose not a moment to anyone for mere words shallow the depth of what it was meant.
You are now a part of us that can never be broken till you wish it so.
I pray that you never utter a word to vow against what we are – Forever.

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Before I say good-night

Countless dreams measure short to your beauty.
As I realize the pleasures of thought here besides me.
Lightly pressed within an embrace.
Coupled by humorous silence and gaze.
Outsiders witnessed only love between us.
Envious to live a microcosmic moment of such emotional lust.
Parted only by the night’s demand.
‘morrow we shall do it once again.

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Broken Hearted

So long have I wanted an end to my loneliness.
With gatherers surrounding my every moment, I’m still unwitnessed.
On-lookers mistaken their memory by not realizing my attendance.
Exit usually marks my every entrance.
Since we’ve become individuals, I’m the shallow end of depth.
I’m now the best secret ever kept.
I’ve attempted to go beyond this desperate reach for attention.
Seeking the affection of those I shall wish to not mention.
Craving the need of another’s wanting has led me to no end.
And now you’ve offered your hand as a friend?
Go on with this belittling gesture to uphold beliefs of forgiveness.
I was the recipient of all your deceptions.
I was the night rider of changed appearance to satisfy your ego.
I’ll never be the person I was before.

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Die for you

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Can this lasting guilt ever end my need for you?
I thought that by denying my thoughts and wants I could get rid of you
But alas, I’m here thinking of you.
I awake and again you appear amidst my to do list.
Working and multitasking between calling and not calling.
It’s easy to go a day without your voice.
It’s hard to go an hour without you on my mind.
How far have you gotten without me holding you?
I’ve come this far and only one number left…..


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The I in Me

Forget me, the person who stands before you with heart of hurt and soul of lost.
The person who’s become an echo of past being caused by let downs and half promises kept.
whisperers of conversations heard but never shared with others because of their lack of care.
I’m the who I am now and no longer the him who you knew.

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A long night

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